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We create presentations for web and interactive exhibition spaces

Featured projects

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KEBA AGPower2drive, Munich

It is all about gamification on mobile devices and trade shows. We have created a playful product experience and a interactive game that presents the intelligent electric charging stations of KEBA.

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ENERGIE AGEnergy Summit of EU-Ministry

Energie AG pointed the way to encourage energy transformation. Corporate videos of energy partners (Fischer Sports, FACC, SGL Carbon and cement plant Hatschek in Gmunden) were showcased on multimedia table with illuminated 3D objects to interact.

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voestalpine ADIPEC, Abu Dhabi

Interactive presentations, new media technologies and multimedia content defines our services. Our Virtual Reality experiences, unique presentation tools, animations and 3D games attracts their clients around the globe. We say thank you, for loyalty and working together with that outstanding team.

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Primetals TechnologiesMETEC, Düsseldorf

Major event that takes place every four years. We have supported this award winning projects various content and applications for interactive presentation.

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Hypo NÖInteractive Timeline

Web based timeline app presenting 100 years anniversary with multimedia content and interactive elements.

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